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Dragon Blood

Official Launch(KR) + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Dragon Blood (by Supertree Co., Ltd.)

Dragon Blood is an authentic mobile 3D MMORPG game.
Summon your own dragon to grow together and overcome difficulties.

5 unique jobs
Berserker / Spearman / Lancer / Wizard / Assassin
By manipulating heroes composed of a total of five heroes,
Conquer the continent of Legias!


Various equipment farming and production system
Various materials that are dropped from the field and
Combining equipment obtained through dungeon farming
Equipment Upgrade!


4 types of PvP content
Field PK that proves individual strength!
The strongest battle to compete against the top rankers!
With your own dragon! Dragon Battle!
Perform special missions to defeat the boss before enemies! RvR Formation Battle!


Vast MMORPG Continent ‘Rgias Continent’
The continent of Legias where dragons live and breathe
Explore the vast continent of Legias
Be a hero to save the continent…


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