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My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT (by BANDAI NAMCO)

Introducing the highlights of “My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT”!

“Individuality” exploding battle RPG of heroes!
“Individuality” shines with your hands! Reach, top hero!

Your favorite heroes
Casual “individuality” battle to fight enemies in 3vs3!

Activate “individuality” with one finger!
Skill chain by connecting the “individuality” of heroes!
Unleash the powerful Plus Ultra technique!

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT

You are the one who develops the “individuality” of your favorite hero!

At “USJ (False Disaster and Accident Room)”
Training with Yuei High School teachers and professional heroes!
A strong enemy attacks the app’s original facility “VE Tower”!

Raise your heroes with your own hands,
Taking advantage of the variety of “individuality”
Confront the ambitions of the approaching enemy !

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT

Story mode where you can enjoy the story of Hiroaka from scratch!

The story begins with the encounter between the main character, Izuku Midoriya, and her No. 1 hero, All Might.
Yuei High School 1st grade A group growth, USJ raid, Yuei Sports Festival …!
The threat of the attacking enemy coalition and the death of Hachisaikai …! !!
Famous scenes familiar from TV animation,
You can follow the story of Deku who aim to become a professional hero from the beginning!

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT

Illustrations drawn by the app are appearing one after another!

Rarity UR play character illustration
Equipped with a “cinemagraphy function” that animates on the home screen!
Furthermore, if you raise a play character and awaken it, it will change to a new illustration!

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT

Your “hero base”
Customized to the hideout of Yuei High School and the enemy !
You can invite your heroes and enemies !

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My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT
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