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Dungeon Slayer

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The description of Dungeon Slayer

You are the last hope to recover the lost dungeons…will you be able to do it?

In Dungeon Slayer you will take the role of a hero fighting against lots of enemy waves in different scenarios. As you explore the dungeon you will enter into new floors, facing powerful bosses and collecting big rewards. Complete all the levels to receive amazing loot and unlock the next scenario!

As you increase your level inside the dungeon you will accede to incredibly new abilities and allies that will let you personalize your play style. Looting gold and other rewards will let you develop your passive abilities and equipment pieces which will be key to face new challenges!

Dungeon Slayer

Dungeon Slayer has simple controls and an easy to understand playability, but don’t relax…it’s a hard game to master!

Dungeon Slayer

Key Features

• Simple Controls that will let you play with just one hand
• Different kinds of weapons that change your character attack combos and powers that you acquire during the game.
• More than 25 powers and buffs that will let you build your play style during each dungeon.
• Singular Allies to summon that will join your adventure.
• More than 20 different enemies with different behaviors, attacks and movements, including powerful and challenging bosses!
• More than 100 pieces of equipment to obtain and upgrade, with diverse rarities that will provide singular stats and different upgrade levels.
• Upgrade your camp to passively generate gold over time, which will help you to continue developing your character.

Dungeon Slayer is under constant development and expansion. We are a small studio and we greatly appreciate player support since your feedback is key to continue improving.

Dungeon Slayer

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