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Frontier of Fortune

Official Launch

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Frontier of Fortune (by Dotomchi Games )

Frontier of Fortune is the 10th episode of Fortune Chronicles, a strategic game of territorial dispute among countries/kingdoms in Fortune.

Frontier of Fortune

Experience the fun and impressive Fortune series that has continued for 12 years.

Games are a type of board game.

Frontier of Fortune

In Fortune, there are 41 cities and three lands (Kingdom of Moltony, Empire of Anderass, Yuvark Union), and lastly monsters.

Player chooses one land and battles with the other lands and monsters to conquer all 41 cities to win.

Frontier of Fortune

First, player must run policies for unit training, market vitalization, food production, recruitment, rampart strengthening to develop land and recruit soldiers for war.

The recruited soldiers invade other cities, win the war and conquer land for expansion.

Frontier of Fortune

Also, executing land projects shall develop land’s intrinsic policies.

Frontier of Fortune
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