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The description of Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena (by ALL9FUN Limited)

Choose your Element and wage war against Darkness in this 3D Idle Fantasy RPG!

Choose from a total of 6 elements to form your team. Every titan has its own elemental affinity which can be enhanced by fellow titans of the same element. Light and Dark titans are the most versatile by opening more opportunities in team composition. Light titans can align with any element, while Dark titans bring unique buffs to the team for every single Dark titan there is. However, choose wisely as each element has its strength and weaknesses, and will indefinitely dictate the outcome of battles.

Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena

Classic puzzles and mini games

Too much doom and gloom just kills the mood, don’t you agree? That’s why Elemental Titans boasts a collection of your favorite puzzles and mini games as daily missions. Take to the skies with Dragon Jump, or run the mile with Frog Jump, these will definitely test your fingers and reaction speed. Or if you like to keep it casual, maybe take a chance at Sinopoly or the Mines and try your luck. The most exciting and rewarding mode by far would be the Burning Hollow, where you experience three stages of “Mine Sweeper”, but with a twist, requiring tactics and skill. Playing simple light-hearted mini games, WHILE earning tons of rewards? Yes please!

Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena

Simple 3D Controls & Real-Time Combat

Still stuck in the second dimension? What if I told you that you could use 100% of the space in game? In order to stay true to the raids and co-op dungeons of old, and adapt it to the mobile platform, Elemental Titans creates a unique 3D circular arena where players control their team with the swipe of the finger! This allows for the battlefield to effectively gain spatial depth, creating many extraordinary mechanics. If you haven’t played an Elemental Titans boss fight, you haven’t experienced true 3D on mobile.

Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena

Non-stop Co-op Raids and Dungeons

This is where Elemental Titans truly shines! With the aforementioned 3D mechanics, players are truly able to experience co-op raids and dungeons in its entirety. Imagine the fun and excitement you feel when defeating your very first boss fight on your own. Now multiply that by 5 or even 10, because with the game’s 5 man, 10 man co-op raids, things truly do get pretty crazy! This is the endgame for all players and where everyone gets their moment to shine. Do you wanna raid a dungeon?

Discord – https://discord.com/invite/YhSveKW5fM

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/EleTitans/

Elemental Titans:3D Idle Arena

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