Demigod Engine

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Demigod Engine (by xiaojiao zhang)

Welcome to “Demigod Engine”, where we’re recruiting strong-willed people to fight the erosion of the land.
After the Great Demon arrived to this world, it started devouring all living things and even civilizations.
Now, the Demigod Engine is our only hope in this time of despair, and only a being of strong will can harness the power to fight the erosion of land.

Demigod Engine
Demigod Engine

Demigod Engine is a unique mobile strategy game, that takes place in a surrealistic setting.
Different from the complex and diverse system design of many current SLG (Grand Strategy) games, “Demigod Engine” allows you to enjoy the core of the game strategy first, while simultaneously taking into account and innovating a simple, clear and fresh gameplay, that is committed to bringing you the precious feeling of joy.

Demigod Engine
Demigod Engine

Game Features
Expand your territory, occupy and gather resources and increase your influence;
Doll customization, find, extract and build the strongest lineup;
Reach out into the unknown, build coalitions and bring people together to build a better world.
Seize the Throne of Old Empire, explore the mysterious abandoned cities and uncover the hidden truths of the world;
You can command the armies to conquer the world, you can feel unstoppable, you can go to every inch of the world and solve its mysteries, or you can sit back and enjoy your steady development. No matter what you choose – we will be there to fight with you.

Available: Google Play – PH, ID

Demigod Engine

Created by ©PalmassGames

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