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Eternal ROOL

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Eternal ROOL (by GameCat Studios)

Master the life force of the Compass of Hope, awaken the beings of Land of Zea, and save the Matriarch Tree from the clutches of the Demon God!

Please let us introduce what you will find in this game in one sentence: An absolutely innovative match-three puzzle RPG where you can move and match on a whim, and craft, evolve and summon cards to strategically solve logic puzzles in the adventure. You must be curious about what kind of game it is. Well, we fused features of several genres and made them work well together.

Eternal ROOL

[Mysterious New World, Infinite Adventure]
Rich stage design, multiple paths to choose from, and hundreds of different enemies and legendary bosses await your challenge!

[Summon Minions, Defeat Monsters]
Simple matching is all it takes to summon mighty armies to battle for you! But there’s more than just matching: activate your companion’s powerful Mystery Form with a tap of the finger and use their Ultimate Skill to defeat your enemies!

Eternal ROOL

[Cute Companions, Full-set Upgrade System]
Meet and collect the beings from Land of Zea and enjoy their unique abilities! Strategically upgrade and combine them, then teach them different skills to make them unstoppable in battle!

[Auto Surprise, Easy Victory]
Say goodbye to the days of endless grinding. Gain permanent buffs as you clear stages, and play on your own time! Auto Mode & Quick Claim gives you more time to focus on strategy, or challenge other players!

Eternal ROOL

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