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Eternal Scarlet(กลุ่มอัศวินฝนแดง) – EN

Official Launch(TH) + Apk

Languages: English ,Thai (Go to settings and change the language to English)

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Eternal Scarlet (by Eragame)

Red Rain Knights Group is the first mobile MMORPG Odom – an ancient planet where lost civilizations are filled with different types of demons. to fulfill their dreams Red Rain Knights join the Red Rain Knights. Meet new friends on their adventures. And there are powerful knights who unearth the truth about the world. four occupations Hundreds of characters also have cute pets, elves, magic, stars, food, weapons, gods and tons of fun systems in the world. the ancient ruins of the gods with friends, create a group of knights in the world and


Different professions are powerful friends.

to get to the abyss of the abyss of truth Meet powerful new friends along the way. There are 4 types of professions: Warrior, Archer, Magician, Knight, and hundreds of characters with unique stories and characters waiting for adventure . Together.


three main forces unique knight

The ancient planet Odom gave birth to three main forces, the Kingdom of Sofia, the Eastern League and the Kingdom of Hesheim, respectively, symbolizing the human race, the beast and demons, joined the knights of the faction. The knight’s brethren and luxurious gifts also came in. Join the battle on the Isle of Ruins with your clan friends. Get tons of treasure chests and glorify knights.


BOSS around the world is rich in food.

Demon of a lost civilization Giant demons from other worlds attack people, red rain knights who dare to punish evil and kill demons along the way. won many awards
meanwhile You get materials to explore the world. Prepare special international dishes. Have you become the number one foodie?


Cute elf pets will help you in battle.

Cute creatures of Odom BOSS, different worlds, tiny creatures, gods, tribes, gods and pets. It will help you increase your fighting power. And there are also 4 unique elves to protect. after the change A lot of fighting power will Let’s fight together make you invincible

Demon King Weapon superior combo
Weapon System Demon King Kill bosses around the world. Get the Demon King item. Get different elemental status, use the best weapon skills. unleash combo skills Attack various monsters along the way of the adventure. catastrophic disaster

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Thai

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