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Knight’s Raid: Lost Skytopia

Official Launch(Global) + APK

💡Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Knight’s Raid (by UnlockGame)

By gathering and strengthening heroes of different races and professions, you can build a powerful team of their own and fight with other players!

Distinctive and unique heroes
-Numerous Heroes: Different heroes has tailored background stories connected to the main story line.
-Different Forms: Heroes can break through various forms to obtain powerful abilities and evolved appearance.
-Exclusive Skills: More powerful and exclusive skills will be unlocked after breaking throug.

Knight's Raid: Lost Skytopia

Exciting and Thrilling Battlefield
-Formation: Establish your own battalion to resist the enemy’s invasion.
-Siege: Approach the enemy’s battalion, break the enemy’s defense, and occupy the base camp.
-Counterattack: When invaded by an enemy, a protecting buff will be triggered, allowing players time to gather faction allies to strike back.

Knight's Raid: Lost Skytopia

Various Dungeons and Challenges
-Intriguing Mazes: Find the best route to pass the maze by rotating the maze room.
-Dangerous Guards: Many powerful guards patrol in the depths of the maze. Be prepared for battles if you want to pass.
-Random Events: Different mysterious events will be triggered during the exploration, and rich rewards will be granted for completing the events

Knight's Raid: Lost Skytopia

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Knight's Raid: Lost Skytopia
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