Every Farm – NFT/P2E

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The description of Every Farm (by Wemade Connect)

Become the owner of your own farm and equip it to your liking!

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

You leave the noisy metropolis and return to your hometown. Now you have to manage a farm inherited from your grandfather.

Sow, grow, harvest and sell crops in the market!

In this relaxing game with nice graphics, you can finally take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the life of a small town.

Feed the harvested grain to animals on the farm, and they, in turn, will give you milk, eggs and other products.

Plant plants and take care of cute animals. The farm is at your complete disposal!

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

You can also open a restaurant and use farm-grown produce there!

Cook meals with farm-harvested crispy corn, milked milk, and more!

Pizza or pasta? The choice of the restaurant menu is yours!

Manage your restaurant from cooking to marketing!

Become a chef! The restaurant can prepare main courses, desserts, appetizers and more.

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

Farm design is also up to you. Create your magical settlement.

Only you can turn a small farm into a prosperous farm!

Decorate your farm however you want with a variety of items that are updated every season.

Arrange pickup trucks, kiosks, picnic spots and other items as you see fit.

Most importantly, do not forget to show the fruits of your creation to your friends!

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

Make friends with residents and get rewarded!

Residents of the farm do not let you get bored and are always ready to entrust you with a new task.
But that’s the only way to get along with them.

Each resident has a different character and history. It’s time to get to know them better!

Chat with villagers, hire them and of course don’t forget about farm management.

The villager will help you get used to farming everyday life.

Help and improve each other’s farms.

In a free moment, you can visit a friend’s farm and see how everything is arranged there.

Join an agronomic union to get to know the rest of the farmers.

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

Official website http://everyfarm.wemadeconnect.com/

Airdrop – https://gleam.io/P0E3t/got-flero-token-the-first-round-of-everyfarm-airdrop

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/EVERYFARM-1461133294207479/

Every Farm - NFT/P2E

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