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Fantasy town: Anime girls story

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Fantasy town (by Енот Василий)

Economic and city-building simulator. In this game we have collected the most interesting ideas from the games of this type.
This is a story about you, about unique heroes and mountains of gold that will become yours.
Play as a descendant of an ancient noble family, who, by the will of fate, is forced to save and restore the ruined magic city. Start the game with just a sawmill and a couple of assistants. Using all this and your management skills, make the greatest city in the history of a fairy empire.

Fantasy town: Anime girls story

Create complex production chains from just mined ore to magic swords and armor.
Develop mines and workshops for the highest profit.
Research over 50 technologies to unlock new recipes and workshops.
Meet over 30 characters with their unique personalities and motivations to help you.

Fantasy town: Anime girls story

Complete quests, move through the story and try to reveal a conspiracy, as well as other secrets of the kingdom. A story full of secrets, sudden turns, treacherous enemies and loyal allies is waiting for you.
Complete the stages of city development from a small village to a big city. At each stage you will be able to see how the settlement that belongs to you is changing.

Fantasy town: Anime girls story

– over 30 unique heroes among which there are knights, necromancers, hunters and elves.
– cute anime girls willing to help you to rebuild the city.
– the ability to make your own city, to establish production chains, to get a bunch of gold.
– more than 50 technologies are available (the game has just been released, there will be even more technologies later). Studying each technology visually changes the city.
– beautiful magical world full of secrets and intrigues.
– opportunity for helper girls to spoil you.
– thoroughly selected and rigorously crafted mechanics from city-building, economic simulators and idle games.

Fantasy town: Anime girls story
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