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FFC – Four Fight Clubs

💡 Platform – Android

The description of FFC – Four Fight Clubs (by DAERI SOFT Inc)

Unleash the Champion Within: From Street Fighter to MMA Legend
Defeat formidable masters to claim your well-deserved trophies and etch your name in FFC history!
Who will rise as the undisputed champion of FFC?

Train your own fighter to conquer masters of every discipline top ranking fighter in the world!!
Experience the world’s first incremental idle mixed martial arts action game!
Select from 4 disciplines, undergo diverse training regimes, choose from 80 fighters, equip with 40 gear types, and master over 50 skills!!
Forge your unique path to glory!

FFC - Four Fight Clubs

Switch seamlessly between boxing, taekwondo, karate, and wing chun!
Refine and nurture your fighter through discipline, training drills, and dedicated practice in each art form!

FFC - Four Fight Clubs

Craft your personalized combos with a myriad of fighters and techniques!
Fuse over 80 fighters with 50+ techniques to sculpt your own road to victory!

FFC - Four Fight Clubs

Conquer tournaments to seize prestigious trophies in new FFC showdowns each season!
Dominate regularly-held competitions and reap abundant rewards!

FFC - Four Fight Clubs

Dive into club tournaments! Encounter hidden masters! Test your strength against punch machines! Embark on invasion chapters!
Engage in diverse club challenges and revel in a wealth of content to satiate your hunger for challenge!

FFC - Four Fight Clubs
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