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De:Lithe Last Memories – NFT

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of De:Lithe Last Memories (by GEEKOUT PTE. LTD.)

This is a story of girls who throw themselves into battle for the reconstruction of Tokyo—

The story is set in a near-future Tokyo that has been devastated by the “”Great Collapse””. As a commander, the player will train and command the girls of the “”Doll Squad””, throwing themselves into battle together. The mysterious dreams the girls see, the mystery of the gate leading to another world, and the wishes of each girl.

Please enjoy the story of “”Tokyo’s reconstruction and the intertwined feelings of the girls”” depicted in this work.

De:Lithe Last Memories - NFT
De:Lithe Last Memories - NFT

Game Features
・36 beautiful girl characters, each with their own music and story
・A worldview set in a slightly future Tokyo than the present
・A “”rogue-like RPG”” that can be thoroughly played alone
・A pleasant play feeling where characters grow in a super short time
・Infinite strategic possibilities with deck organization and skill selection
・Multiplayer mode where players can form parties and explore dungeons together
・PvP and GvG challenges with the characters you have raised

De:Lithe Last Memories - NFT
De:Lithe Last Memories - NFT

Characters and Songs
36 girls fighting to reclaim the collapsed Tokyo. Each of their juvenile feelings are expressed in 36 songs that color the girls. The full-scale songs created by a team of top-notch creators go beyond the framework of character songs and guide you to the deepest part of the story.

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De:Lithe Last Memories - NFT
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