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Finger Boom

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Finger Boom (by Evergreen Realm)

Finger Boom is a cute casual competitive shooting game. Here, you can use a variety of weapons and skills to bomb enemies, show your unparalleled combat power!! You can also customize the appearance of your character, train pets, plant flowers, play football, engage in multiplayer real-time projectile battles…


Ejection System
Magnify your imagination, use wind, buildings, and strength to defeat monsters!

Finger Boom

Multiple Modes
A variety of competitive modes are available, including 3V3, 2V2, and 1V1!

Various Styles
Choose from over 1,000 exquisite looks, customizing everything from clothes to wings for your character!

Finger Boom

Creative Weapons
Hundreds of unique weapons: toilet, mattress, ramen, and more.

Finger Boom

Battle Pets
Collect diverse battle pets with unique skills to help you fight!

Team Up
Clear levels with pals, challenge interesting gameplay, and defeat the evil BOSS!

Finger Boom

Romantic Wedding
Have a sweet wedding ceremony with your beloved, attended by thousands of guests!

Form a Guild
Get to know players from all over the world, form or join a powerful guild!

Official Discord:

Finger Boom

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