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Fire and Glory

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The description of Fire and Glory

Fire and Glory, newest 2020 FREE mobile strategy game, is set in a fantasy Sparta history bringing back the time when heroes were forged with iron and steel. Build your empire, raise the army, gather resources, master war strategy skills, go to battle, fight legendary monsters, attack your enemies. War! Everywhere, You and your allies need to be prepared, to fight to become the only ruler and be a legend.

Worldwide Alliance
Rally your friends and fight together! Against different servers, or fighting for the title, you are not alone, you also can help one another. No language barriers! Talk to anyone freely with our real-time in chat translation of 34 different languages.

Fire and Glory

Endless War
you can enjoy your victories, both on PVP and PVE on enormous world map. Conquest other castle. Gather the resources. Destroy the monster like Cyclop, Ortos and many other. Challenge the domain boss like Tauren Judicators. Slay the dungeon monsters like Teumess. Expand your territory. Fire!Become the one and only hegemon, Glory!

Fire and Glory

Excellent strategy
Research and develop new technologies,master over hundreds of skills including economy, battle, trap, hero, construction. Work with or against thousands of other players in real-time. Play like a king and prove you’re the best.

Fire and Glory

Indestructible Empire
Collect Wood, Iron, Stone, Food, Silver and Gold to build new facilities. Train up different tier soldiers and war machines like Olympian Peltasts,Cretan Slingers and many more. Your ultimate building game for powerful soldiers, facilities upgrading. Research new technologies, trade with your allies. Forge your empire, rule your empire.

Immortal hero
Recruit Hero, train, equip and make him/her invincible and personalized. Powerful hero also help to engage your enemies.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire and Glory is completely free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please enable password protection for purchases in your Google Play Store app. A network connection is also required.

Frequent in-game events will keep you busy in your well-deserved leisure time. Are you ready to fire war for the final glory? Come and experience this highly addictive MMO SLG game FOR FREE NOW.

Fire and Glory
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