Future Era: Broken

Official Launch(MY) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 未来纪元:破晓 (by YUANHENG NETWORK LIMITED)

A next-generation MMO free world created in a future sci-fi style. Come to this world, you are the savior. Drive mecha vehicles, recruit super-power partners, awaken the twelve constellations of mechanical warfare, form a team to challenge the leaders of the star war domain, grow in the experience and shoulder the heavy responsibility of reviving the light.

Game Features
Future Science Fiction Machine Age
–Ultimate use of next-generation Unreal Engine technology, ultra-high-quality character modeling, mechanical and technological scenes, to create a future fantasy world
–Future time and space, the confrontation between light and darkness, old gods and new world technology, ups and downs plot, immersive experience, explore the truth of the world on the road of adventure


Variety appearance, match as you like
–Punk style, uniform style, college style, sports style, hip-hop style… Variety of fashion styles, create your own personality trend at will
–Super cool vehicle, equipped with full mechanical sound effects, full of technology! There are also special appearances such as Lava Speed ​​​​, Future Travel, and Mechanical Beluga waiting to be discovered.


Partner fighting body against the trend and breaking the dawn
–Ebony check in! Get to know your super partner and fight with you. Turn on auxiliary machines, wings, and hand cannons, and cooperate with each other, and your strength will skyrocket.
–Wake up the earth, the moon, the nebula, the galaxy, the cosmic astronomical phenomenon, collect the twelve constellations of mechanical warfare, transform into a mecha, and burst damage to enemies in seconds


Creative gameplay keeps bursting
–The first original sci-fi BOSS modeling, mimetic machines, black street beasts, destroyers, laboratory geeks, and hidden bosses, will never be the same
–Challenge the seabed trials layer by layer, buta defends against demon invasion, massive equipment, exquisite floating gun appearance, super many BOSS gameplay, go to find your scientific and technological power

New type of social interaction and adventure together
–Characteristic crystal trading market, free listing, buying, and fun auction gameplay waiting to be unlocked
–Star Wars Trek, Quantum Field, multi-person team, experience bonus, hand in hand to play the book, clear the strongest level. Also set up a guild with friends, compete passionately, and get the honor of the number one player in the top division

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/dawn2046


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