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Gate Of Mobius

Official Launch(IOS)+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Gate Of Mobius (by Goblin Gamer Company Ltd)

Based on the fairy tale story
A new strategic real-time 3D action shooting game
“Gate of Mobius” comes out as a mobile game!

Gate Of Mobius

Multiplayer game – up to 4 players
Invite friends to challenge different levels
Cultivate your favorite characters and skills to knock down powerful enemies!

Gate Of Mobius

Change the appearance of your own character
Players can get costumes in the game
Create unique character according to your preferences!

Gate Of Mobius

Cultivate and strengthen character
Each character has exclusive skill
Combine magic and classes to develop the strength of your character!

Gate Of Mobius

Switch your job to bring out the potential of your character
Hunter, knight, mage, ranger, and alchemist – 5 professions!
Players choose the most suitable career to challenge various levels!

Gate Of Mobius

Chance to obtain precious armor after mission complete
Equip the most suitable armor
Create the strongest partner!

Unlock new characters after completing the chapters
Enter the world of fairy tales and learn about the story of protagonists
Go on an adventurous journey with them!

Gate Of Mobius
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