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Girls Tale: Idle Action RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Girls Tale: Idle Action RPG (by RealtimeGames)

Welcome to the world of “Girl Electric”, a new idle action RPG where growing up is easy and fighting is fun!

Game Features
Easy growth, brilliant battles
Growing up is very easy and comfortable, and the battles are thrilling. You can feel the joy in your eyes just by watching the battle with the easy control and the girl’s fancy skills!

Girls Tale: Idle Action RPG

You can feel the perfect optimization and neatness of the 2.5D idle game!

Girls Tale: Idle Action RPG

User Convenience
Various rewards are pouring every day, and the rewards are piled up one by one even if you don’t have to turn on the additional game!

Log in now and have a great time with Girls’ Electric!!

Girls Tale: Idle Action RPG
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