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God of Sword: Legendary

Official Launch – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of God of Sword: Legendary (by MobGame Pte. Ltd.)

“God of Sword: Legendary”” goes beyond the boundaries of a mere MMORPG experience. It takes you into the perfect world of a martial arts, where the dynasty stands side by side with 5 powerful martial sects: Nightmare, Fogbow, Luna, Rosy, Bodhi. Each sect possesses an exclusive skill set, featuring up to 3 diverse customizable developmental paths, enabling you to craft a myriad of unique martial arts techniques. This journey guides you step by step towards the pinnacle of martial arts mastery within the grandeur of the perfect dynasty.

Infinite Benefit Rewards
An extensive gift system with login bonuses, newbie rewards, and initial top-up gifts, featuring exclusive items, is sure to gratify even the most exacting players.

God of Sword: Legendary

Unrestricted Trading – Double-layered Security
Freedom in ingots, jade transactions without restrictions. Making wealth has never seemed so easy like that! Confidently engage in VIP PvP battles with God of Sword: Legendary in this F2P MMORPG.

God of Sword: Legendary

Boss Hunts for Virtual Transformations
Guild bosses, personal bosses offer chances to receive virtual transformations and top-tier equipment. Enjoy generous rewards from both PvP and PvE activities as a new swordsman in this fanatical RPG game.

God of Sword: Legendary

Free Sect Transfers – No More Starting Over
Confidently as the most deeply customizable game in the market, God of Sword: Legendary allowing players to enhance skills and switch sects without starting anew. We bring to players a fresh and time-saving experience in this F2P RPG game.

God of Sword: Legendary

Premium Grinding – Activities Every Day of the Week
Participate in ongoing activities such as fortress battles, guild wars, and cross-server battlegrounds. Meticulously structured to suit both the hardcore and the casual fanatical gamers. Engage with the sword, unlock the powers of jade, and become a true immortal.

God of Sword: Legendary

Come step into this fanatical world and create your own legend!

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – SEA

God of Sword: Legendary

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