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Go !Go! Muffin

Official Launch(TW)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Go!Go!Muffin (by XD Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Anytime x Anywhere x You & Me

Cross-border collaboration of “Cat Cat Chong Ka Bo”! Exclusive linkage event to get cute looks for free!
A new masterpiece from the team of “RO Ragnarok: Playing Polly Every Day”! The spiritual sequel to the endless Ulala!
Original two-player adventure gameplay! You are never alone on the way to becoming stronger!

[Cross-border linkage adventure of “Cat Cat Chong Kapo”]
Free exclusive linked costumes, stickers, and avatars allow you to transform into the cute “Kabo” carrying a fleshy body, and join hands with “Kabo” Melomon to awaken and fight! Finally, you can set out with “Kapo” to search for treasures buried on Longju Island.


[Two people travel together, the adventure will not be lonely with you]
Without you, the journey would not be fun! In the game, two people can form a super team and go on adventures together! Whether you are a couple or best friends, you can discuss with each other and freely combine careers. You can also combine with new friends to develop your lovely social circle in another world.

[Easy to place and drive around among 100 healing sceneries]
You can grow and earn passive income by hanging up your cuteness. Just enter the game when you are free, check what new equipment is added to your bag, touch its head and feed the Melomon to become stronger. Of course, the hundreds of cute sights and rare animals during the drive also make many adventurers forget to leave! You have to concentrate on driving, McFen!


[Breakthrough in job transfer, further evolution of professional genres]
Freely match career-specific skills, strengthen skill levels, choose talent directions, continue to become stronger and stronger, and finally transfer to a more advanced profession, experience different firepower output, and form a more powerful combination with teammates, allowing players to The refreshing experience is doubled and doubled again. I am a tank… and you can deal damage behind me, right? !

[Pet cooperation, accompany me to become stronger all the way]
The unique pet “Melomon” was born into the world due to the call of the adventurer’s music. The Melomon is not only your good partner, but it can also transfer its special abilities to you, making your adventures easier and more enjoyable.


[Many people recommend you to be the king, I won’t let you fight alone]
A powerful enemy that cannot be defeated by one person, then call your partner! In the game’s trial system, there are many difficult BOSSs that require a team of four or even six people to go to. Of course, the greater the difficulty, the greater the reward!

[Socialize at the camp and chat about stories along the way]
Rest is to take a more lovely road. Come and sit in the warm cabin of the tour group if you have nothing to do! There are travelers and Melomons from various countries here. Everyone’s adventure stories are exciting. The investigation team also has some powerful BOSS waiting for everyone to discuss tactics before going out, so that adventurers can fully enjoy the joy of being a commander!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO

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