Rise of the Shield Hero

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💡Platform – Android

The description of 盾之勇者成名錄 (by Wuhao)

True restoration of bloody Japanese comics – The Rise of the Shield Hero!

What role will you play in the awakening world of another world? Who else can you partner with?
In the extreme challenge of one-handed operation, what kind of peak combo will you create? Can you see how far the recruiting will go?
Come to the list of the brave warriors of the shield, let us witness your strength!

Tower Climbing Mode – It’s like the shackles that seal the energy in your body! You must break through the obstacles step by step, and let the whole other world know that every blast is proving your ability! The louder the blast, the more worth the effort!
Competitive mode – is a way to bring you a clearer understanding of your own strengths! If you have a high rank in qualifying, you can be admired by many players, and you can also get to know more expert players. Gain experience in normal matchmaking mode and prove yourself in ranked matches! Ranking is a symbol of strength!
Boss Battles – All hostile bosses from another world will appear here! The monster you wanted to see when you chased it, now you can see and conquer him with your own eyes!

I wish every hero can bathe in the glory of the king in “The Rising of the Shield Hero”!


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