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Covenant of Victory

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Covenant of Victory (by Glimmer Collection Games)

Covenant of Victory is a strategy game with loads of surprises.

The New Classics: Treasure Chests + City Craft
Here, you can build an empire using the myriad of treasure chests available for free and with zero wait time! The higher level a building is, the higher stats you will obtain. A new Chest-opening Commission function allows you to automatically open one free resource chest after another while in idle mode. Pick up and play gameplay along with sped up or even skippable battles guarantee you a fast win. As a lord, you must fight, loot, and build your empire from scratch!

Covenant of Victory

Innovative Gameplay: Random recruitment for fast-paced PVP battles
Recruit your followers now! In Covenant of Victory, players can expect something they’ve never seen before: random recruitment. How many followers you will have is kept a secret until it is finally unveiled down the line. Put your luck to the test and amass a force of troops from nothing in less wait time while enjoying the euphoric rush from the instant power boost! Need resources? Find the Gnome and snatch its secret treasure. Lead your warriors towards the Tower of Abyss and Stormy Expedition.

Covenant of Victory

Pet Merging: Find your ultimate loyal partner
Mystery pet eggs are hiding throughout the city. Find them and merge them together to get an unexpected partner to assist you in battle. You will have a chance of obtaining an adorable Slime as a battle partner or a level-up tool for other pets. When you envision the strongest monster fighting by your side, what do you see?

Covenant of Victory

The Zenith of Strategy Games: Build a glorious empire
The speed and ease of access to resources in this game is in stark contrast to that of traditional SLG gameplay. While in other games, initially leveling up your character can be a chore, here everyone, including casual players, can get the hang of strategy and deployment within just a few minutes: Open treasure chests, construct various buildings including Drilling Grounds, Camps ,Combat Councils, etc. Destroy enemies with a single tap, seize lands and loot along the Gold Route! As a lord in Covenant of Victory, team up with allies in open world PVP battle to take down the Wandering Demons!

Covenant of Victory

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