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Gold Rush Battler

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ゴールドラッシュバトラー (by XFLAG, Inc.)

Card battle type board game aiming for first place by making full use of strategy

Game introduction
There is only one victory condition, “collect the most coins”

-Turn the roulette to move the square
Make monsters fight each other
Occupy/strengthen/replace squares
You repeat these three actions and compete with other players for coins.

Card battle with characters from “Monster Strike”!
A board game that everyone can get excited about!
Sometimes fight together, sometimes pull each other’s legs, and aim for victory while overcoming various difficulties!

Comfort unique to digital board games
Taking full advantage of the fact that it is a digital board game, we have eliminated as much of the complexity and stress-causing elements as possible, such as the time spent waiting for other players to operate and damage calculations during battle, to create a game that can be played easily and casually. realization.


Card battle that expands the range of strategies
Build your deck by combining 30 cards in any way you want before you go into a match.
“Monster card” that you place in your square and fight
“Wild Cards” that activate various effects directly on players and squares
There are over 300 types of mounting cards.
Get cards by opening or generating packs, build your own deck and challenge the game!


Reversal element
It is impossible to guess the outcome of the game just by looking at the surface status and owned coins.
Multiple reversal elements such as range attack “Oragonic Attack” that can damage multiple squares, “Ability” that has various effects for each monster, and “Pounding Fruit” that can add additional effects such as status enhancement. exist.
Depending on the situation, it is also possible to unfold a big reversal play that returns from the bottom to the first place.


Multiple game modes
Starting with the “Fighting Match” where all players compete for rankings, the “Easy Match” where you can easily play such as renting pre-constructed decks and specifying the rank range, and the “Min Wai Mode” where you can play with up to 4 people with friends and close friends. ” Available in 3 types.
Choose the mode that suits you and enjoy “Gold Rush Battler” more comfortably!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

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