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💡 Platform – Android

The description of GunboundR (by SOFTNYX)

Evolution of Gunbound series! Gunbound has returned as a real-time turn-based shooting game!
Gunbound R is a competitive online shooting game that features unique pilots and Mobiles used in real-time matches against opponents.
The game differentiates itself from traditional shooting games by featuring a combat system where only the main character engages in combat by boarding a pilot on a Mobile.


In other words, players can play the game by employing Mobiles that affect the main stat lines and pilots that can provide additional effects by boarding the Mobiles.


Players can experience the joy in collecting pilots and Mobiles in this process and adjust the trajectory of the missiles fired by the Mobiles to enjoy a thrilling combat style of damaging enemies directly based on their control.
Download Gunbound R now and lead your team to victory with your skills!


A casual match!
– You can easily and quickly match against opponents for a game with just 3 minutes of playing time!

Simple gameplay with a wide tactical variety!
– You can witness various combat styles depending on the combination of unique characteristics of the pilots and Mobiles and the delicate user control!


Convenient matching system
– You can now select and match in the modes you desire! You can quickly enter a game through a system that allows you to select the modes desired and matching against opponents accordingly!


Various game modes
Survival: An individual match mode where the winner is the last player standing.
Team Deathmatch: – Players will be divided between two teams and play for 3 minutes in a 3 vs 3 match. The goal is to kill opponents as many times as possible.
Gunbound Ball: Winners will be the first team to score 3 goals against the opposing team.
Conquest Mode: The team that successfully defends their robot while destroying the opposing team’s robot will be victorious.

Available: Google Play – AR, BR, MX, etc…

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