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Mecha Domination: Rampage

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mecha Domination (by Mecha Domination Studio)

Who would have thought mecha beasts would take control of the world one day?
Our once peaceful world was laid to waste by rampaging mecha beasts. People lost their homes, their lives, and everything else they held dear.
The world was plunged into a cycle of wars and massacres, until you, a skillful and valiant commander, emerged.
You will lead the survivors in hunting and capturing beasts, training troops, forming alliances, and protecting humanity’s last bastion!

-Explore A Mysterious World
Discover the remnants of human civilization scattered across a boundless world.
Signs of rare beasts? Requests for help from mysterious individuals? Resource nodes? Exciting adventures await.

Mecha Domination

-Customize Your Shelter
A shelter is the only thing that can keep you warm and safe in the wasteland.
Create your own shelter, expand it, and add decorations to make it feel like home.

Mecha Domination

-Build An Army of Beasts
Despite their ferocity, you can craft tools to control beasts and have them fight on your side.
Scorchers, Spikerollers, Tyrants, Sickleclaws, Firespitters… Create your own mecha beast army!

Mecha Domination

-Train Elite Troops
Make sure you have enough units when searching for supplies, because aggressive beasts can attack at any time.
Train your recruits into battle-ready soldiers and build the strongest lineup you can.

Mecha Domination

-Form A Powerful Alliance
It is impossible to survive in a wasteland alone.
Create or join an alliance to help each other build and defend shelters. Fight alongside your allies to restore order to the world.

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Available: Google Play – ID, US, DE

Mecha Domination

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