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Honest War RTS

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Honest War RTS (by buffpixels)

Welcome to Honest War – a unique classic real-time strategy game (PvP RTS) designed specifically as a new esports discipline!

Dive into exciting battles where each fight is a true test of skill and tactics! Devise your own building order, conduct reconnaissance, outsmart the opponent, build an indestructible army sooner, and transfer it to the enemy base via stealth air transport!

Honest War RTS
Honest War RTS
Honest War RTS
Honest War RTS

★ Unlike most strategy games, in Honest War the combat unfolds as in classic computer strategies, where you build your base and army directly during the real-time battle.
★ In Honest War, like in all classic RTS games, you control each unit directly, selecting units with a frame and sending them into battle.
★ New, convenient real-time unit control, developed by the game team along with the player community specifically for mobile devices, allows you to fully control every movement of your army right on your smartphone or tablet screen.
★ One-on-one battles, two-on-two fights, army customization, tournaments, clans, seasons, leagues – all await you in this new mobile RTS.
★ No Pay To Win! Only fair PvP! Donations allow you to decorate the appearance of the army but do not provide a gameplay advantage!
★ This is not just a game – it is a new esports discipline where all players compete on equal terms. The outcome of the battle depends only on your skill in micro and macro control over the army.

Build your base, create a powerful army, and develop a strategy that will lead you to victory. Are you ready to become an esports legend?

Honest War RTS

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