Haze Reverb

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The description of 蒼霧殘響 (by FUNFUN TECHNOLOGU CO.,LIMITED)

After the “Tungus explosion”, people found huge crystals called “Nimbis” in the deep pits of the “Katya region”. With the energy stored in this crystal, human civilization developed rapidly. But at the end of development, human beings also ushered in the mechanical monster that was named “original sin” and was transformed by Nimbis from the sky.

Later, in the long years of struggle, the remnants of human beings jointly formed the Aegis organization, and gradually mastered the “core technology of illusion” that can compete with “original sin”, and the final crystallization of these technologies is to have the ability to crusade the original sin. , the girls called “drivers”. The transformation core gives them huge bodies and the Nimbis equipment “AVG” that can be transformed into different appearances at will.

With the Nimbis technology acquired from the original sin, humanity’s counterattack has officially begun. With the ability of “synesthesia”, you will be the “pilot” of the Aegis organization to fight against the high original sin with a new evolution and a human appearance.

This is the story of a half-original sin, half-human boy and a giant empty girl.

Game Features –
Super exciting! Giant girl save the world
The original sin strikes, all the members assembled! War is about to break out, you will become the leader of the “Aegis” organization, leading a team of giant mecha girls to fight against the high original sin headed by “Reverse Love”. Greatness is power!


Super gorgeous! Full-day audiovisual feast
Tanaka Rie, Yuuki Bi, Ogura Yui, Koga Aoi, Ishihara Natsuori… The full story of the super popular seiyuu! With bold high-quality character portraits and a large number of exquisite illustrations, we will try our best to create the most immersive audio-visual feast!


Super flexible! New form of strategy experience
The battlefield is like chess, and you can win by surprise! In this unique battle chess formation design, occupational collocation, battle order, station distribution, and strategic collocation of each dimension will bring different play styles. Use your wisdom to win!


Super exciting! Diversified girl development
Whether it’s a gentle and murderous maid, or a sassy and wind-wielding elder sister with a tachi… Every character is very charming~ Upgrade skill attributes, cultivate character favorability, and quickly establish your exclusive bond with the girl!

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Available: Google Play – TW, HK


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