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Heavenly Sword Legend

Official Launch – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Heavenly Sword Legend:AFK (by Z-H Gaming)

This is an MMORPG mobile game full of immortals, with three professions for you to choose: swordsman, mage and boxer.

Start a fantasy adventure in the immortal city and create a unique swordsman’s dream!

Adventurers who like to explore freely, step into the world of martial arts!
A peach garden full of beautiful scenery of mountains, flowers and birds!
All kinds of otherworldly bosses are roaming around, destroy them!
Come on, let’s unveil the mystery of the world of Heavenly Sword together!

Powerful spirits to help
A variety of fairy spirits can be cultivated, such as toad spirit, evil spirit, white bone spirit and fairy.

Heavenly Sword Legend

Beautiful fashion
Super cute mounts, shiny wings, strange amulets, walking tail effect, people love ~

Challenge Dungeon
Challenge the monster leader in the dungeon, it will drop a lot of reward items and collect legendary weapons.

Heavenly Sword Legend

Form a guild to create brilliance
Defend against invaders with guild members, qiangduo snatch BOSS, and assist each other in guild wars.

Multiplayer online battle PVP
Compete with players from all over the world for the leaderboard, or you can quest with your friends, grow together and explore this mysterious world together.
Strengthen your j character with legendary equipment and cool skills and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

Heavenly Sword Legend

Stall Trade
The trading system is diverse, you can trade the items you don’t need in the game in a stall, you can get the props you want more easily.

In the fantasy world of martial arts, simulate 3D like the real world and create your own dark glory online.

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Heavenly Sword Legend

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