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Hello Neighbor Nicky’s Diaries

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Hello Neighbor Nicky’s Diaries (by tinyBuild)

What terrible secret is your sinister Neighbor hiding? There are rumors that he’s a ruthless killer. Sneak into his home and conduct your own investigation to see for yourself. This maniac’s ever-changing and growing house will be a real challenge to overcome!
Can you uncover the scariest secret in town and find out what happened to your neighbor, Mr. Peterson’s missing son?

There’s only one way to find out! Welcome to the world of Hello Neighbor: Nicky’s Diaries! Prepare for an exciting blend of stealth, horror, and puzzle-solving, all wrapped up in a vibrant and familiar package. In this first-person adventure, you’ll explore a suburban neighborhood like no other.

Your Neighbor, Mr. Peterson, is still there.
Meet your unpredictable neighbor, whose behavior adapts to your every move. He’s always watching, learning, and ready to obstruct your progress.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

A multitude of puzzles awaits.
To unlock the secrets of Nicky’s past, you’ll need to solve intricate puzzles and cleverly utilize objects hidden throughout the environment. Sneak around the CCTV cameras, disable the motion detectors around the doors and make use of all you can find! It’s YOU who determines the HOW.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Equip yourself.
Utilize JUMP BOOTS to reach higher vantage points, X-RAY GLASSES to locate the Neighbor and sneak past him, EMP devices to disable traps, and even GLUE to neutralize the infamous Neighbor’s threat.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Prepare for the BASEMENT.
Take a deep breath and brace yourself before entering the basement, as there is more there than initially meets the eye. Yes, you read that correctly, you will face more than just one challenge.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Achieve mission success.
Master each mission and earn a 3-star rating to obtain all the rewards. Be ready for side missions, as they unveil even more than you may want to remember.

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

Daily login bonuses
Come back daily to claim your consecutive logins rewards! From rewards such as Scraps to EMPs, Goggles or Glue, use them all to fool the Neighbor!

Jump into Side Missions
Did you complete all the missions with 3 stars? The adventure is not finished! Dive into the side missions to explore the lore even more and find out what the sinister Neighbor did!

Hello Neighbor Nicky's Diaries

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