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The description of [Premium] RPG Jinshin (by KEMCO)

Long ago in a corner of the land of Asuka stood the Amaterasu Clan, a group of warriors who smite forces of evil with blades of justice.

The Amaterasu Clan is joined by a young man.
A man of sword mastery and wisdom, Mikazuchi, joins forces with the Amaterasu Clan’s Sword Master, Hinoko, to save his master from Onigami Ichigan.
When the war is done, will peace or chaos reign supreme?

[Premium] RPG Jinshin
[Premium] RPG Jinshin
[Premium] RPG Jinshin

– Enjoy turn-based battles full of ambiance and strategy.
– Make use of tactician Mikazuchi’s orders to gain powerful formation effects to turn the tide of battle.
– Use materials to craft weapons and armor.
– Unlock Kami Arts with wepons.
– Learn magic arts from Tsukumo Kami hiding all over the world.
– Develop village through commands to receive rewards and learn new crafting formulas.

[Premium] RPG Jinshin

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