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Idle Alchemy

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Idle Alchemy (by Famillie)

Idle Alchemy is an AKF idle game. In the game, you need to enhance the strength of your hero by leveling them up and equipping them, and defeating a constant stream of enemies! Collect powerful weapons, skills and partners to improve your combat ability!

Now! Welcome to Idle Alchemy, where progress knows no bounds! Set off on a journey to conquer the game’s world!

AKF idle Game, One-click to Have Fun
-Heroes battle automatically to gather resources while you idle!
-With only ten minutes a day, you can experience the thrill of cool and stylish battle!
-Your hero will fight for you and collect resources even when you are offline!

Idle Alchemy

Open the Alchemy Furnace
-Pass constant battles for unlimited access to tons of alchemy furnaces!
-Automatically open the alchemy furnace with a single tap!
-Unlock various types of gear with diverse effects!
-Level up to find more rare gear when opening the alchemy furnace!

Level Up with Ease
-Follow the guidance of the mission system to level up and earn rewards!
-With just a few taps, you can evolve your heroes and upgrade their attributes to fight the powerful Boss!

Idle Alchemy

Rich and Diverse Dungeons Gameplay
-Various dungeons waiting for your exploration!
-Multiple difficulty levels to choose from!

Idle Alchemy

Select Your Hero
-Choose from a diverse selection of characters with unique skills!
-Different heroes offer you different gameplay experiences!

Summon Partners, Expand Your Team
-Summon 40+ partners from different alien worlds!
-Improve them! Guide them to defeat more powerful monsters!

Idle Alchemy

Collect Heaps of Unlockable Weapons & Skills
-30+ showy weapons and 15+ stylish skills are waiting for you to unlock!
-Upgrade your weapons and skills with one-click!

Idle Alchemy

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