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Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Idle RPG Agent of Adventure (by TownSoftJP)

Create the story of heroes, crafted by you.

In this game, you become the ruler of a small village, nurturing heroes who embark on unknown adventures. Use the rewards brought back by the adventurers to grow your village.

Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

— To Adventure
First, build a tavern where villagers gather and adventurers are born, and a weapon and armor shop for gearing up. Once they are ready to venture into the outside world, send them off on their adventures. The adventurers will continue their journey on their own will, so it’s okay to close the app during their adventures.

Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

— After the Adventure
When the adventurers return safely, listen to their tales of adventure. They will surely be looking forward to sharing their stories. Then, use the rewards they bring back to develop your village. The adventurers will also be looking forward to its growth.

Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

— Growth of Adventurers
As the village grows, you can provide the adventurers with more powerful equipment. You can teach them skills like swordsmanship, healing arts, and map-making. You’ll also be able to prepare preserved food for distant adventures and lights to illuminate the darkness.

Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

— Village Activities
The villagers will spare no effort in supporting the adventures. They will heal the wounds of injured adventurers. They will keep records of the adventures in the town. They will search for relics around the world for the adventurers. They will devise various tactics for battles against formidable enemies. However, in return for these services, you will need funds…

Now, a new story of heroes begins.

Idle RPG Agent of Adventure

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