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Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

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The description of Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg (by SSS games)

–Game Background:
In ancient times, Pangu created heaven and earth, evolving into the Four Seas and Eight Wastelands, with all living beings. The ancestors of the human race, Nvwa, the demon race, Chiyou, and the divine race, Fuxi, led the three tribes to peacefully coexist in these six realms.
In the early Middle Ages, various ethnic groups continued to develop, and their cultivation concepts began to diverge. Disputes also gradually arose, but in the later stages, the situation became even more intense. Eventually, the irritable demon tribe provoked a shocking battle. This prolonged war led to the world being torn apart, and ultimately the Demon Clan was defeated and retreated to a barren realm.

Chi You united with the power of the Twelve Demon Generals to seal the gate of the realm, and the Demon Clan never heard from again. The Protoss also entered and occupied the Heavenly Realm, while the Humans remained in the Human Realm, and some undead spirits were driven to the Underworld, collectively known as the Underworld and its indigenous peoples.

Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

A young disciple of the first sect of the human race, the Fengshen Sect, who had been in seclusion for many years, unknowingly became a chess piece placed on the board of fate. The peaceful life of the sect began to move away from him, and when would the mysterious background be revealed? Why do taboo tools only favor him? What kind of secrecy lies behind the hidden world of the sect? The young man embarked on the journey of uncovering the truth

Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

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Game Features:
1. Cool fashion experience
2. BOSS unlimited brush, equipped with explosive equipment on the ground
3. Super powerful battle pet system
4. Free VIP system
5. Hit BOSS and send ingots; Recycling equipment and sending diamonds
6. Rich gameplay
7. Realistic style scenes

Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

Career Introduction:
Using a large sword as a weapon and using domineering swordsmanship and gorgeous skills to fight, the most domineering and brave character.
Shadow Sting:
Dressed in a cloak of darkness, accompanied by shadows, swift in action, using double rings to harvest enemy heads, its percentage of huge damage can also kill the most skilled enemies in defense in a short period of time,
Underground storage:
Graduated from Shaolin, he has been practicing martial arts since childhood. He is jealous of evil as if he were an enemy. A Zen staff has made countless villains tremble at the news.

Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

As the goddess of creation, Nvwa used loess to imitate herself and created humans, created human society, and became the mother of humanity.
Little Red Riding Hood:
In the era of chaos among gods, life was in ruins. Some people fled to the forest to avoid disaster. Relying on their own experience and knowledge reserves, they survived, and over time, these people became rangers.
senior Taoist priest:
Heaven and earth operate, with Yang rising and Yin falling. It combines its own true Qi with the creation of heaven and earth, and is skilled in long swords and spells.
Women are not inferior to men, envious of evil as revenge, and act in a righteous and chivalrous manner, using artillery as a weapon.

Immortal fantasy RPG-mmorpg

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