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BYORacer – Sons of Valkyrie

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of BYORacer – Sons of Valkyrie (by BYOStudios)

Embark on a journey with “BYORacer: Sons of Valkyrie”, a 3D multiplayer racer set in the post-apocalyptic BYOVERSE. Players will command advanced anti-gravity vehicles known as BYOCrafts on demanding seasonal tracks fraught with environmental hazards, all in pursuit of exceptional rewards.

Earn experience points to unlock strategic upgrades for your BYOCraft, enhancing speed, acceleration, durability, and handling. Gain a competitive edge in races by aligning with a revered Goddess and invoking the assistance of her Valkyrie for occasional blessings throughout the competition.

The Absorption Experiment, featured in our initial phase, will thrust pilots into an experimental Survival Time Trial mode. As players strive for swiftest lap times and longstanding endurance with finite revives, they will also accumulate rawTRYP. Additonally, multiple seasons will ensure evolving challenges, with each season culminating in substantial leaderboard rewards, new biomes and more. The ultimate question remains: Can you dominate the Absorption Experiment and carve out your legacy?


Seasonal Evolution: Explore diverse biomes and challenges through multiple seasons, earning grand leaderboard rewards, starting in the Desolate Dunes.

Survival Time Trial: A revolutionary new game mode combining needs for both speed and survival. Compete against top player ‘ghosts,’ fueling a competitive atmosphere in real-time.

Strategic Upgrades: Select your Apostle and BYOCraft and enhance their attributes in Jokka’s Repair Shop using rawTRYP.

BYORacer - Sons of Valkyrie

Ever-changing Tracks: Experience new challenges every race with procedurally generated obstacles.

Boost Mechanics: Collect elusive BYOPill ingredients, supercharging boost segments for faster laps.

Divine Alignment: Race in the favor of a chosen Goddess, reaping in-race advantages granted by their powerful and mysterious Valkyries.

BYORacer - Sons of Valkyrie

Craft Attributes: Tune your BYOCraft’s starts to get your perfect ride.

Reward System: Earn TRYP post-race, segmented into RawTRYP (upgrades) and rawTRYP Charges (craft leveling).

BYORacer - Sons of Valkyrie

Digital Ownership Integration: BYOCrafts, Apostles, and BYOPills as digital assets offer diverse ways to enhance gameplay experiences.

Exclusive Early Access: Reserved solely for BYOCraft owners. Delve into preliminary gameplay and benefit from special leaderboard incentives.

BYORacer - Sons of Valkyrie

Dive into the BYOVerse, harness the potent power of BYOPills, and ascend racing ranks. In BYORacer, every turn could make or break legends.

BYORacer - Sons of Valkyrie
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