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Chronomon Demo – Mobile

Early access – Demo + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Chronomon Demo – Mobile (by Stone Golem Studios)

Chronomon is a monster taming RPG / Farm SIM game with retro pixel art graphics. Raise your Chronomon, capture them, battle other trainers in this one of a kind, WearOS Smartwatch monster taming game. Care for your farm, plant, craft and build a beautiful world for your monsters.


– Monsters and Battles
Choose your starter Chronomon and go forth, in search of all of the monsters you can find.
Catch them, train them, evolve them, Ranch them. Your monsters are more than something you battle with but a source of friendship and income in this apocalyptical world.

Chronomon Demo - Mobile

Battle monsters right there on the map, no more bouncing to a different menu.
Some skills interact with the map, fire can burn grass, air can move trees and leaves.
Catch Chronomon and their extra rare variants with fresh new skins.
Each monster has 3 unique passive skill trees called IMPRINTS that provide huge stat boosts, extra skills and the hand up in battle.

Chronomon Demo - Mobile

– Simulation
Cook a wide variety of meals from items you find out in the wild, fish for etc. Unlock new exotic recipes to heal your monsters and give them buffs in battle.
Forage the land for materials to build up your farm, craft new tools and food to cook with or stay alive in the harshest nights.
Go fishing and catch over 20+ fish types. Cook them or sell them in the market.
Farm your lands. Plant 20+ plant types, sell them or use them in recipes.
Keep your player’s hunger down by eating what you find or cook. Manage your energy by taking naps in game or relaxing next to a fire you built.
Release your monsters in the Ranch to make them happy, feed them and pet them. Happy monsters give better materials.

Chronomon Demo - Mobile

– Story and Game
Chronomon features a robust Time system. Going from Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night, the world changes around you depending on where and when you are.
Watch as the sun goes down, and the lights go on. Be careful venturing out at night, as monsters become more ferocious.
NPC’s have schedules, enter shops at certain times. Take a quest that only activates at night, or catch a Chronomon that only comes out at dusk.
Branching storyline means you could mean unlocking a quest can lock another one.

Chronomon Demo - Mobile
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