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The description of RPG インフィニットリンクス (by KEMCO)

In search of God’s Talisman
[Talisman] is a magical tool that bestows great power.
The superlative Talisman who will grant any wish
It is said that it exists somewhere in this world.
Cronus, a boy who trains as a magician,
His sister-in-law, Selene, who admires him as her brother,
He is involved in a great plot over Talisman.

Learn special moves by making full use of skill boards!
Attach the Talisman to the skill board and
Acquire various skills and special moves depending on the vertical and horizontal arrangement.
Let’s make good use of the auxiliary effect and strengthen the party.

RPG インフィニットリンクス

Build the strongest equipment
Weapons, armor, and Talisman can be strengthened with materials.
Disassemble the Talisman that is no longer needed
It can also be made into pieces that have a strong granting effect.
Attach a piece of Talisman to the trained armor and attach it.
Build your favorite equipment.

RPG インフィニットリンクス

Battle with lots of formations, traps, and elements!
Physical attack specialized type, counterattack type that becomes strong against pinch, etc.
The battle is advantageous depending on the formation you choose!
Be careful of traps that are activated depending on the position of the enemy or ally.

RPG インフィニットリンクス

Get a lot of rewards with challenges!
Dominate the arena, clear subquests,
Achievement of monster defeat conditions, etc.
Challenge various challenges and get a large amount of rewards!

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RPG インフィニットリンクス

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