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Infinity Angel

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Infinity Angel (by REDCUBE ENTERTAINMENT)

After the ‘Planetary freezing’ in 2047
Ishitar planed a project with engineer Alita
The human conservation project, The plan is to save 600,000 datas of brain informations and DNA samples using 12 Ark servers
However, problems are began to arise.
Datas that maintained a life in Ark server began to give up their lives one day.
The loss rate increased overtime
and it became a serious trouble for Ishitar.

Infinity Angel

One day, Alita came to Ishitar
and proposed the plan that was so bizarre but tempting offer.
The plan is to emphasize the survival of datas.

Infinity Angel

The plan is called as “Parablum simulator”.
In Parablum simulator, there will be an enternal war.
Datas fight for survival from conflicting sects.

Infinity Angel

Ishitar accepted Alita’s proposal
In 2252, 12 Ark servers have been separated into various sects
and declared the war in the Parablum simulator.

Infinity Angel
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