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Jurassic Valley: Dinosaur Park

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Jurassic Valley: Dinosaur Park (by TERAHYPE)

Welcome to the thrilling Primeval Zoo filled with jurassic dinosaurs, where you’ll embark on a captivating adventure that combines the excitement of match-3 puzzles with the wonders of dino park management.

Ever wondered how it would look like, if the primeval jurassic dinosaurs lived among us? Ever wanted to have a game like Zoo Tycoon, but where you would be able to take care of dinosaurs? Then you found what you were looking for! Dive into our Match 3 Dinosaur adventure. Build your own jurassic wolrd and decorate it as you wish.

– Solve Match 3 Puzzles
– Build Dinosaur Zoo
– Decorate Your Zoo
– Build Dinosaur Shelters
– Revive Jurassic Animals
– Feed Dinosaurs & Save to Have More
– Jurassic Adventures in Dino Park Management


Solve Match 3 Puzzles:
Dive into a world of challenging puzzles! Each match-3 victory unlocks the potential to create and expand your prehistoric paradise. Strategize, match tiles, and witness as your dinosaur zoo evolves with every solved puzzle.

Build Dinosaur Zoo:
Craft your dream JurJurassic Parkassic park from scratch. Use the rewards from your Match 3 puzzle conquests to construct enclosures, pathways, and captivating attractions. Create an immersive environment that brings the Jurassic World to life.


Decorate Your Zoo:
Unleash your creativity! Decorate your zoo with lush foliage, stunning scenery, and captivating decorations. Design a visually stunning landscape that transports visitors to a jurassic era. The true dinosaur environment decorations.

Build Dinosaur Shelters:
Piece by piece, solve Match 3 puzzles to build shelters for a diverse range of jurassic dinosaurs. From towering Tyrannosaurus Rex to gentle Triceratops, each enclosure provides a safe haven for these majestic beings. Dinosaur world awaits you.


Revive Jurassic Animals:
Unlock a myriad of dinosaur species to enrich your zoo. Witness the revival of ancient jurassic dino giants and lesser-known dinosaur animals, expanding your collection and captivating visitors.

Feed Dinosaurs & Save to Have More:
Become a dedicated dinosaur zookeeper! Ensure the well-being of your dinosaurs by feeding them. Saving dinosaurs not only enriches your collection but also unlocks opportunities to care for more dinosaur species.


Jurassic Adventures in Dino Park Management:
Embark on a never-ending journey through the Jurassic world. Manage your zoo, optimize habitats, and undertake quests that challenge your dino park management skills.

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