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Mushroom Hero : idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 머쉬룸 히어로 : 버섯 용사 키우기 (by nextAll)

The warrior who set out on an adventure to defeat the demon king under the command of the king. After a fierce battle, the warrior defeats the demon king and enjoys the joy of victory.

Mushroom Hero : idle RPG

However, evil knows how to dig into the weakest part of humans. At the last moment, the demon king accelerates the warrior’s weakness, baldness…

The warrior, who lost all his hair, fell into great sorrow, and the goddess of nature, who felt sorry for him, covered his head with mushrooms as a last resort.

Mushroom Hero : idle RPG

With the help of the goddess, the warrior became a mushroom demigod. He sets out on an adventure to take revenge on the demon king who stole his hair.

Mushroom Hero : idle RPG

Game Introduction

Open event! Summon free weapons & rings 1000 times!
Combine various skills according to the situation!
Challenge the trials and acquire new skins!
Acquire artifacts and grow stronger!
Your potential is infinite! Unlock your abilities with potential!
Test your abilities with the master! Check your abilities with training!
Get stronger with pets that help you grow!”

Mushroom Hero : idle RPG
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