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Hunter Party: Idle RPG – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Hunter Party: Idle RPG (by LUNOSOFT INC)

Mysterious gates have begun to open all over the world. From these gates, monsters that cannot be dealt with using modern weapons are pouring out, plunging humanity into great chaos, and leading to the destruction of many cities. Collect and nurture Hunters to stand against them, establish a company, and try to block the gates to protect humanity!

Recruit Hunters and establish the best Hunter company!
Try strategic Hunter formations by considering random skill upgrades every game!
Various content, including black markets, virtual spaces, underground tombs, city invasions, world bosses, and more!!

Explosive Growth through Collection and Idle Gameplay!
– Recruit and collect Hunters to nurture the best Hunter company!
– An idle game where growth is possible offline and online!
– Easy progress through automatic battles!

Hunter Party: Idle RPG

Train various Hunters and engage in Strategic Battles!
– Diverse Hunters with unique personalities!
– Train Hunters in various ways by leveling up and awakening, and with equipment, skills, abilities, and more!
– Defeat monsters through random skills, skill combinations, and strategic gameplay in each game!

Hunter Party: Idle RPG

A Rich World with Immersive Map Design and Content
– Various map designs such as destroyed black markets, city invasions, and more!
– Dispatch Hunters to the locations where gates are open and block them!

Hunter Party: Idle RPG

Communicate with other users who have established Hunter Companies!
– Enjoy the game while having fun conversations with other users through the chat feature!

Hunter Party: Idle RPG

Game Features
– A distinctive idle nurturing experience with random skills and team formations!
– Receive coupon gifts with various benefits!

Hunter Party: Idle RPG

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