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Kanadete Girls’ School – White Chord(Nadejo)

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 奏でて女子校 (by GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd.)

This is
A story of students called “Rakuhime” fighting against “Rakuma”

Big in this world
There are two continents.
One is the music continent “Villeland” that plays beautiful tones.
The other is the anti-music continent “Disaster” that tries to eliminate music.


Suddenly, “Disaster” launched an attack on Villeland.
Throughout Villeland
“Cluster” occurs,
From the Mist
“Gakuma” appeared.
Only “Rakuhime” has the power to oppose “Rakuma”.
Trying to train special abilities in “Villeland”
from each country
“Rakuhimes” gathered at “Resolute Academy”.
“Rakuhime” is bound by the “conductor”,
I leave all the command of “Rakuhime” to you.
Don’t let the sound die out from this “Villeland”…

Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

Official website
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