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Kingdom Tactics

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom Tactics (by Sample games)

An uninvited guest, King Weird came to the peaceful Kingdom Jamjam!
Let’s defeat King Weird and the germ soldiers and protect the Kingdom!

Various Heroes
You can experience different battles by acquiring various heroes such as warriors, archers, tankers, and healers!

Kingdom Tactics

Moblie Action Collective Roguelike RPG
There are roguelike stages and collective growth elements! Experience endless battles with the heroes you collect!

Kingdom Tactics

Strategic Arena
A battle that demands a high level of strategy will bring you a innovation every time! Try to test your creativity and senses!

Kingdom Tactics

Exhilarating World Clear
Many hardships and high-level battles will give you the thrill of World Clear! Let’s break through the world with unique strategies!

Kingdom Tactics
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