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Kungfu Survival – Heroes

Official Launch – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Kungfu Survival – Heroes (by ROPL)

About the game
“Kung Fu Survival-Heroes” is a roguelike real time survival RPG game with minimalistic gameplay. As the martial world is in chaos, gather legendary heroes to unite within this realm, awaken their spirits, and ascend to the rank of grandmaster in martial arts.

Kungfu Survival - Heroes

Masterful Martial Control
Become the ultimate martial arts maestro as you lead your elite “Snake” team into battle. Command your heroes with precision & confront wave after wave of relentless foes in this exhilarating survival challenge. Masterful control is your key to victory!

Kungfu Survival - Heroes

Enlist Kung Fu Grandmasters
With over 100 Kung Fu masters to choose from, unleash your combat prowess with mystical kung fu masters from famous martial world fiction like the One-armed Swordsman Yang Guo, Little Dragon Maiden, and the formidable Gold Dongfang Bubai.

Kungfu Survival - Heroes

Endless Customization of Combat Strategies
Each grandmaster brings their distinct skills and abilities to the battlefield, allowing you to craft your very own combat style. Whether you prefer a balanced team or a squad tailored to your preferences, the possibilities are endless.

Kungfu Survival - Heroes

Abundant Rewards Daily
Take advantage of various events and daily gift packs that offer in-game currency to precious ascension materials and experience books. Say goodbye to pay-to-win elements, your path to martial greatness is paved with abundance!

Play “Kung Fu Survival – Heroes” and experience a blend of survival tactics with the mystique of martial arts. Pre-register NOW to enjoy exciting rewards!

Kungfu Survival - Heroes

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