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Legend Fighter – Mortal Battle

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legend Fighter – Mortal Battle (by TOH Games)

Legend Fighter – mortal battle: Attractive Fighting Games and Role Playing Games

Legend Fighter is the perfect combination of Role playing games and Fighting games genres. In fighting RPG games – legend fighter, you will play the role of a fighter adventure and participate in intense battles. You and your Allies explore Arena 100 and decipher the mysterious land of Zarkand, stopping the dark plots of the Kaiser Dragons – the powerful quartet here.

In fighting games, vivid 3D character graphics

With hundreds of characters shown in the form of meticulously cared for 3D models, with separate, sophisticated and monumental skill sets, promises to bring you the best fighting experience.

Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle

Action games, role playing games (RPG games) with dramatic and exciting gameplay

In action games, combat game, there are countless epic and dramatic confrontations. You and your Allies will fight with the greatest strength and skill to overcome the challenges and win.

Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle

The fighting game is easy to control

The action fighting game is for everyone with easy controls. This fighting games for free is perfectly optimized for touch operations on mobile systems.

Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle

Main features in Legend Fighter – Mortal Battle – Action Fighting RPG games

– PVE mode: Matches against AI opponents follow the main plot of the game. In fight games, you will collect, get acquainted with Allied warriors and make them stronger
– Online PVP Tournament: With a new season starting every month, players join for rewards and exciting new challenges and experiences. In addition, you can challenge, practice with friends in PVP mode in fighting game
– Tomb of Unkown King: Choose the best Allies with top skills. Explore the labyrinth – the Tomb of the Unknown Emperor
– Treasure Valley: you need to split up to explore the destroyed base of thieves. Be careful of the Shadows, they can capture and trap the souls of warriors, bring Holy Water if you want to deal with them
– Legendary Hunter Quests and Missions: Complete quests to quickly level up and acquire Guardian Forces – train them and unlock ultimate skills
– Supporting items: In addition to the diverse item system, owning the cool skin layers of the Allies is a great feeling for players who love style and like to experience

Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle

Tactical RPG elements – an unexpected experience in fighting games

Summon Allies: with many character classes in the action fighting RPG games, you can summon more as Allies, build the best, most powerful Fighter team and complete your collection.
The system contrasts with 10 attributes: Fire, Water, Ice, Earth, Plant, Electricity, Steel, Darkness, Light and Psychic… creating rich character classes, and diversity in battle The technique promises battles: Epic battles – Defeat the opponents instantly.
With the attractive, exciting that Legend Fighter – Mortal Battle-RPG games brings, what are you waiting for without downloading the action fighting RPG games to your device to be able to participate in epic fighting matches right now!

Legend Fighter - Mortal Battle

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