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BES: Online Horror

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of BES: Online Horror (by Two players game)

BES – Backrooms Evil Space – is a network space horror game that you can play with friends, up to 4 players.
You will wake up after a long cryosleep on a space ship and discover that the entire crew has died as a result of an inexplicable and horrifying incident. The ship’s security system has locked the doors to the compartments on all levels. These doors can be opened with security keys to reach the rescue capsule. On your way to the capsule, you will encounter various dangers in the form of aggressive monsters, which were likely once part of the ship’s crew.

BES: Online Horror
BES: Online Horror

Solve puzzles, search for keys to doors and safes, which can be found in lockers, on tables, or in other hidden places. In addition to keys, be sure to collect oxygen canisters and flashlight batteries to avoid a terrifying death in the darkness.
If you hear growling or suspicious footsteps, make sure to hide in the nearest locker or dark corner behind a box, table, and so on. Try to attract as little attention from the monster as possible – don’t shine the flashlight on it, don’t catch its eye, stay still and don’t move while hiding.
Cooperate with the surviving crew members (friends online), they will help you find desired items faster, mark the monster, or distract it.
By following all of the above, you will be able to reach the rescue capsule and escape from this ill-fated ship.

BES: Online Horror
BES: Online Horror

– 2, 3, or 4 player multiplayer
– Scary atmosphere in the game
– Multiple puzzles
– Dangerous and scary monsters
– Pleasant 3D graphics and sound effects

BES: Online Horror

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