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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Diggers (by Fantasy Game Indie)

A multiplayer game for two or more players in the genre of Roguelike. You can also go through the plot alone without an Internet connection.

Plot: In the future. Deep underground, a portal was found from where strangers began to appear. The aliens decided to take over the Earth and enslave the earthlings. Then a detachment of professional miners was assembled, who were assigned the mission to bury a hostile portal on the nearest planet. The main task is to bury the portal below the 10th layer.

How to play:

1. Select a hero from the main menu by clicking on the icon with the character, enter a name if you wish.

2. Select the planet where you will start the mission.

3. In the game world, 3 important objects. The first is a digger robot, you control it. (Keyboard, mouse, touch screen.)

The second is a spaceship, you can enter it to sell the extracted resources and upgrade the robot.

The third is a portal, the goal is to bury it deeper than layer 10.



In the right corner there is an icon with turrets and emotions. Turrets can be built in the dungeon. Turrets will help protect against monsters that will appear from the portal after a while. To find out the time when the monsters will appear, click on the portal.

An icon with emotions, change them if you want to show the mood to other players.


Mining of minerals.

In the ground you can see overflowing minerals, collect them. The high cost of resources buried in the ground depends on the depth. The robot can hold a certain amount of minerals, watch the capacity indicator located at the top of the screen. After filling the robot with minerals, you should sell them by going to the space king and clicking the house icon.


Monsters and a portal.

The main goal is to bury the portal below the 10th layer. The deeper the portal is, the harder it will be to bury it. The energy of the digger robot is limited. Energy is restored automatically or it can be replenished by finding helium-3. The loss of energy leads to the death of the digger, monitor its consumption and follow the warning if the scale has reached a critical level.


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