Legend of Excellence


💡Platform – Android

The description of Legend of Excellence

Fight for Guild, competion simulation, gain glory for yourself

The time of guild war has come. Conquer territories, design line-ups, cooperate with companions, fight in warm-blooded battlefields, sezure your throne and be the dominating one! Gather your companions and prepare for a multi-player battle!

Legend of Excellence

Transfer as you like and get glorious customized style
The customize system can help you to transfer as you like and rebirth when reached the peak. Gain exclusive peak badge, cool master skills and customized style. Win your own glory!

Legend of Excellence

100 times of dropping rate for value-keeping gears
Reaping the whole screen and dropping endless rewards. Try the value-keeping system! Original designed gear evolution system can help you to stack gear stats and forge gears with exclusive attributes! Switch between thousands of outfit and design your own fashionable style!

Legend of Excellence

Open-world battles that involve thousands of people, kill other players for powerful gears
Freely combat with others in anywhere of the map. Thousands of players fight in the same world for valuable treasures! Skills, combo, critical hit and so on! Subdue your rival and kill Boss for ample rewards! Build your own dazziling set of gears which is both cool in style and strong in power!

Legend of Excellence

A feast for your ear and eyes, enjoy smooth hitting without pressure
Exquisite characters with bright color and cool style. Fantasy of the new generation. 4k HD make the visual quality even better than console game! Perfect combination of visual and aural effect! Handle with ease and enjoy smooth hitting without lag!

Legend of Excellence

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