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Legend of Sword and Fairy: Origin

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of 仙劍奇俠傳:緣起 (by Sialia Games)

“Legend of Sword and Fairy: Origin” is the orthodox sequel of Xianjian, which integrates the content of Xianjian 1-6 generations;

This work begins when the sacred tree collapses and the earth rises. Players will use the soul-returning fairy dream to travel through the ages of the fairy sword to find the culprit and dig out the truth;
During the time travel, you can witness the first encounter between Xiaoyao and Linger;
Help Yueru’s parents fight against evil spirits;
Together with Li Sansi and his wife, they deal with the Lord of Worshiping the Moon;
Talking to the young Xie Cangxing;
Contest with the Demon Zunlou;
Dance with the wine sword fairy under the moon…
While writing your own adventure story, you can go into different corners of the world and discover the undisclosed past of the characters in the past.

Game Features
The new plot makes up for regrets
No longer simply re-enacting, and rejecting random magic changes, the plot of new characters designed by Yao Xian, the founder of Xianjian, continues the stories of different generations. On the basis of old dreams, a new chapter is born, and we will know the old people again without leaving any regrets.

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New realistic style without light pollution
It may not be able to present the highest quality special effects, but it strives to meet the new aesthetic standards of realism and immortality. Thousands of original manuscript settings, tens of thousands of light and shadow adjustments, create a quiet and elegant misty Yuhang, magnificent Penglai in the fog, crystal clear nine halls of wonderland, and restore a world of fairy swords in the purest memory.

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A new combat experience that does not focus on the sense of attack
Skills are no longer limited to sects, or even species! You can acquire skills by catching demon spirits and getting acquainted with strange heroes. Through different skill combinations, you can create your own unique style of combos and enjoy the thrill of crushing your opponents while your teammates look surprised.

Brand-new script-making chapter-style experience
Seasons are divided into dramas, and every season is reincarnated by all members, opening a new main storyline and themed gameplay, as well as new dungeons, demon spirits, equipment, etc.

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Animism New Experience
Thousands of objects can transform into demon spirits, and you can catch them in the wild! When you raise your hand and drop a talisman, they are all pet spirits; monsters and monsters are monsters, and the more monsters, the more powerful they are. Watching the carrots become spirits and the lanterns become monsters, it will be a lot of fun to control these monsters.

Test instruction
The amount of value stored in the paid test will be returned to Lingyu after the public test starts. Instructions:
This test is [Paid File Deletion Test]. After the test, the files will be deleted and the data will be cleared. In this test, the stored value amount of the user will get 1.5 times the return of Lingyu after the public test. (Only the first character logged in with the same registered account can get this reward)

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In the payment test, the stored value will be returned to Lingyu after each round of file deletion:
This test is a multi-round file deletion test, and it is expected that there will be three rounds, each with a cycle of about 1 month (please refer to the current event announcement for the actual cycle).
After the end of each cycle, the file will be cleared and the server will be reopened. After each file clearance, the player will be returned the equivalent amount of spirit jade of all stored value in this test at the same time, until the end of the final payment test.

Available: Google Play – Taiwan

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