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LINE: Monster Farm

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of LINE:モンスターファーム (by

The latest work of the legendary breeding game “Monster Farm”!
Monsters are born from LINE friends, raised and battled!

Cultivate your own monster and aim to be the No. 1 breeder

The days of monster training are now revived!
As a rookie breeder, cultivate unique monsters and battle them in tournaments!
Let’s aim for No.1 breeder with training assistant!


Monsters are born from LINE friends!
In this work, by linking the LINE account with the game
Equipped with a friend playback system that allows you to create monsters from your LINE friends!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have LINE friends

Friend play is also possible from in-game characters that appear on a daily basis!
There are other regenerations such as “Kotodama regeneration (free word)” and “Disc stone regeneration”!


Training with a high degree of freedom
Grow your parameters through training and acquire skills through training!
If you overindulge, you will cheat in training, and if you are too strict, you will run away! How you grow is up to you!


Easy and deep battle system
Easy operation of skill activation with left and right movement and button tap!
The techniques that can be activated change depending on the distance, so the key to victory is tactics based on the distance with your opponent!

Team play with breeders nationwide!
Grow strong monsters and form your own strongest team!
Keep winning and aim for No.1 breeder!

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