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Love Shelter!

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Love Shelter! (by Brutal Hamsi)

The apocalypse wasn’t fire and brimstone. It came quietly, without bombs or guns. Just a dwindling male population, wiped out by some genetic anomaly. You’re one of the survivors. And so, your journey begins.

Love Shelter!

The last man who can change the world
As you step out of your weathered bunker, you find yourself seemingly the last man alive in a world now dominated by women. And amidst this post-apocalyptic landscape, you hold the potential to reshape the grim future of the world.

Love Shelter!

The Shelter in which you can grow strong
Expand your shelter, once a mere refuge, into a bustling hub for survival. Utilize scarce resources and remnants of the old world to fortify your stronghold and extend your influence across the wasteland. But beware, for every expansion brings new challenges and threats.

Love Shelter!

Unstoppable champions who will assist you
Interact with over 40 unique characters, each with their own motivations and desires. Some may see you as a beacon of hope, while others view you as a means to an end. Navigate through a landscape fraught with peril, encountering scheming technocrats, fervent cultists, and ruthless mercenaries as you unravel the secrets of this shattered world.

Love Shelter!

A gameplay you will truly enjoy
Whether it’s redesigning the layout of your base or dictating the attire of your companions, your authority knows no bounds. Every decision you make, from strategic placements to interpersonal relationships, will shape the course of your journey.
Embark on a narrative-driven campaign spanning ten gripping chapters. Experience the turmoil of a society on the brink of collapse, where alliances are fragile, and loyalties are tested. From clandestine meetings to harrowing battles, every encounter leaves its mark on the world and its inhabitants.
And amidst the chaos, find moments of intimacy and connection, as you explore over 100 animated scenes of passion and desire. Each conquest is rewarded not only with pleasure, but also with bespoke artwork celebrating your triumphs.

Love Shelter!

Stop the end of the world — only you can do this
In this world of scarcity and strife, you are the last man standing. Will you be a saviour, a tyrant, or something else entirely? The choice is yours in this tale of survival, ambition, and the enduring power of the human spirit.

Available: Google Play – US

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